Design & Build

At Sunlight Homes, we coordinate with local builders so we can be alongside you throughout your homebuilding process, from start to finish. Our process begins with the design of your home, where we factor in the location of your lot, the sun’s angles throughout the year, and a number of different factors that go into making your home as energy efficient as possible, while still retaining the specific elements you want in a home. Following our design process, we then work with local builders to oversee that the construction is completed without complications. This process ensures that not only is your home designed to your exact specifications, but that the construction matches the quality of your home’s design.


Green Features

Every Sunlight Home is crafted with careful consideration of its impact on our environment. By blending the art and science of architecture with the latest in green innovation, we create homes that are both visually stunning, while also remaining highly energy efficient. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our expertise in Passive Solar Design. By factoring in the angle of the sunlight at various times throughout the year, we ensure that your home maximizes light when the temperature drops, while also blocking the sun’s rays in the heat of the summer. By utilizing this method, along with the latest in green materials, we provide a home that is truly on the cutting-edge of eco-friendly design.

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SIP’s Albuquerque


Ensuring that the insulation of your home is sound is one of the most important factors in its efficiency. Traditionally, stud-frame construction has been used to create the framework of a home. Although this is good for those looking to lower costs, the quality of it’s construction will vary with every build, leading to imperfections and inefficiencies. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are custom-created in a factory with your specific design in mind, meaning your insulation is precisely crafted to optimize efficiency, and fit perfectly into your unique design.


Hands On Your Home


A home should act as a reflection of those who live within it. It is a place of refuge, relaxation, and comfort, which acts as a safe haven for its residents. As such, a home’s design is crucial to ensuring that it provides the unique needs and comforts for those who live inside it. At Sunlight Homes, we ensure your needs are met by including you in the design process every step of the way. Simply tell us what you want in your home and we will come up with a design that is innovative, eco-friendly and in line with your wants and needs.


Designing Green Since 1975


At Sunlight Homes, we are proud to be one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly housing movement since our inception in 1975. Long before “green” became a buzzword of our culture, we have been designing high-efficiency homes that are as visually stunning as they are eco-friendly. Furthermore, we use our decades of experience in the design of every project we take on, ensuring that our homes always work with the environment, and never against it.

We just may be one of Sunlight Home’s longest-running customers, considering our site visit was in 2006 and actual construction began in late 2008 (house-selling woes!). Given our longevity, we have had the pleasure of working with both Jon and Evan. The passing of the Sunlight Homes torch from father to son in the midst of our build was smooth. We’ve benefitted from both men’s expertise and are grateful for Evan’s availability any time we needed him – especially since we are “owner builders.” While we enjoyed working with Jon on the design and early stages of our home, Sunlight Homes is in more-than-capable hands with Evan at the helm.
Our experience with Sunlight Homes was wonderful! After countless hours of research, discussions, and sleepless nights we decided on Sunlight Homes for the simple fact that they truly believed in making the owners’ part of the process. From the initial exchange of emails with Margie, the site visit with Evan and Jon, the cost estimate worksheets, and all the correspondence in between. Our family’s needs and desires were always listened to in the design of OUR HOME. During the site visit Evan laid out a bubble diagram that evolved from our meetings and discussions into something that was truly us. We had high hopes going into the process and Sunlight Homes has met if not exceeded all expectations. We just can’t say it enough, Thank you all!
- GG
Sunlight came through with flying colors – Evan was there for us from the start right through to the final stages when we spent several weeks making small changes to get just the house we envisioned. He listened to our wishes and worked them into the design, and when our ideas didn’t make sense he let us know. He also did a great job helping us make adjustments to the parts of his proposal we wanted to modify. We’ve been in the house six months and we love it. It’s beautiful, comfortable, fits into the neighborhood and feels like home. A great design takes a great architect and for us Evan and Sunlight were an excellent match.
- TT